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The Queen's


Under the wild skies of Dartmoor stood a dark Inn of long-standing. Within the old walls and beneath the twisting beams, candles flickered and guttered, casting long shadows across the tables. The landlord poured ale from a barrel beside a huge granite fireplace. 

Elizabeth I was dead and heir, King James I, had issued a warrant for the arrest of the late Queen’s Favourite. England’s most famous explorer was once again a wanted man. A charge of treason was at his heels and the hounds had been loosed. They were on the hunt.
It was the evening of July 19th in the year 1603 and Sir Walter Raleigh sat quietly in a corner of the Old Exeter Inn.

What’s Your Poison?

We’ve been in the poison business since medieval times. In fact when Sir Walter was enjoying his, we’d already been going for 473 years.

Real poison takes real passion! The Passion of the Craft. The skill of making something with love and care. Beautiful things to enjoy and most importantly, to taste. And that’s what the Old Exeter Inn is all about. Taste. The really great pubs of our time are evolving as customers seek the unusual. An experience in a glass. We’ve been doing that for nine centuries. Now that’s a real Craft!

Have we got some poison for you!

The Passion of the Craft

With 10 taps of Award-Winning UK & International Craft Beers & Ciders on the go at all times, you can taste the world at the Old Exeter Inn. These are not to be missed.
~ What’s On This Week ~

We’ve nearly 100 different brews from all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. IPA’s. Ales. Stouts. Lagers. Ciders. Dark Beers. Sours. Perry. Crazy Fruit Beers. Gluten-Free. Vegan. CRAFTY BEER is our Bar | Yard | Bottleshop | Club – explore it today. Tell us what you think. We’re adding new stuff all the time!
~ Check What’s Here Now ~

Straight from the barrel, our local, regional & national ales change constantly and are carefully selected for style and strength. We’ve been in the Good Beer Guide every year for over 22 years.
~ Check Our Recent Listings ~

In the mood for wine? Great. Our list is designed around your mood! It’s a bit of fun and makes choosing a superb wine a little bit more interesting than RED, WINE, ROSE!

Whatever tipple you have in mind, we’ve got a great collection of Spirits from all over the World. If you want an Apple Pie Moonshine or one of the must-have Single Malt Whiskies in the World (from India) they are here. So is a delightful Polish honey Vodka. Or a potato Gin from Ireland? Or perhaps you want to sip on a Rum from Barbados? We’ve been in the Poison Business for a while now. You will enjoy these!   

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