Witherington Ties The Knot

A cat named Witherington has lodged at the Old Exeter Inn for centuries. Some say more than seven centuries. Others say the cat himself was known to both Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.
Witherington the cat and his beautiful new wife

And today, the Witherington of here and now has some very exciting news. He is wed! To Matilda. A church cat of St Andrews in Ashburton. Following a simple service at the church, the happy couple of felines celebrated their nuptials at Witherington’s home with plates of fresh haddock in milk and bowls of Otter Ale. They are to take up residence on the top floor of the Inn. The Management of the Old Exeter Inn wishes Witherington and Matilda a long and joyful marriage (and remind them not to forget their mousing duties).

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